Mechanical Engineering Program


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Acquire advanced expertise, a broad perspective and flexibility

Philosophy and Goals
Mechanical engineers are required to possess sophisticated expertiseand broad discernment to be able to offer solutions for problemssuch as environmental pollution, global warming and energy-relatedissues. This program offers about sixty course subjects in the master’sprogram to enable students to acquire everything from diversefundamental mechanical engineering skills to cutting-edge specializedexpertise. This allows them to acquire additional high-level,advanced and more finely specialized skills after they gain expertisein basic mechanical engineering fields. Our training createsself-reliant, high-level engineers who can play roles internationallythrough having them learn these subjects and prepare the requiredmaster’s thesis.

Educational Goals
We train students to:
  1. Develop wide-ranging discernment and a high degree of flexibility after they acquire specialized expertise in everything from the basics of mechanical engineering to cutting-edge skills.
  2. Play crucial roles in society, learning about theory and acquiring expertise as well as acquiring the skills to unearth issues and solve problems through their research activities.
  3. Always keep their eyes on scientific and technological trends, and to acquire the habit of continuously honing their own expertise and skills.
  4. Acquire communication and presentation skills that are also recognized in other countries.
  5. Develop the leadership qualities that allow them to flexibly use organizational and team capabilities.

Research fields
  • Energy engineering
  • Materials and process engineering
  • Design engineering
  • Measurement controls and robotics
  • Systems engineering

Teacher’s licenses and curator's credentials available:

Master’s degree holders who fulfillthe prescribed requirements can acquire specialized junior and senior high school teacher’s certificates. The specialized teacher’s certificates this graduate school offers are listed below. A type 1 license is a prerequisite for acquiring a specialized teacher’s certificate, but that can be acquired by auditing undergraduate courses if the student does not have one. 
  • Specialized junior high school teacher’s certificate (technology)
  • Specialized senior high school teacher’s certificate (technical)
  • Curator’s credentials
The undergraduate department offers curator’s credentials courses, but students can obtain these credentials by auditing undergraduate courses.

Research Fields and Topics, Educational Keywords

Curriculum system


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