Characteristics of the Graduate School

Diverse Faculty and Meticulous Guidance

Our diverse faculty use their rich experience to provide an advanced and comprehensive education in every major and class subject. The university also has the sophisticated measurement equipment and instruments required for cutting-edge research, creating an extraordinary research environment where students and faculty members perform research activities together every day. Our multiple faculty advisor system also provides meticulous guidance in terms of both studies and research.

Reasonable Tuition and the TA Program

Kogakuin University Graduate School’s tuition is set lower than that of other graduate schools to provide educational opportunities to a wider range of people with a passion for learning. We also have a TA (teaching assistant) program in which graduate students support the teaching staff in undergraduate classes, allowing grad students to experience a teaching environment and receive an allowance that reduces their financial burden.

Excellent Research Environment

When we think about the essence of science and technology, training sophisticated engineers without research is inconceivable. The faculty at our graduate school is constantly engaged in diverse research activities together with students at our excellent research facilities, which include the sophisticated measurement devices and equipment required for cutting-edge research.

Graduate School of Engineering