Support Programs for Graduate School Activities

Diverse Faculty and Meticulous Instruction

Our graduate school’s diverse faculty makes the most of its abundant experience to cover the areas required for the respective six programs, providing advanced instruction based on course subjects. Meticulous guidance in terms of both studies and research is also provided through our multiple faculty advisor system.

A Graduate School That Welcomes Social Diversity

We seek to admit diverse students from a wide range of fields, welcoming them from other universities as well as our own undergraduate alumni, along with working adults and international students. We offer advanced placement and accelerated course completion programs for particularly outstanding students. Furthermore, special screenings are conducted for working adults separately from our general entrance examination. We have systems in place to enable adults to study at graduate school while working. Specifically, we offer alternating daytime and evening lectures in alternate years for master’s programs and a two-semester system with enrollment in April and October. There is an increasing number of Kogakuin undergraduate alumni who choose to enroll in our graduate school after working for some time.

Support for Research Activities

We offer a full range of programs to support research presentations, encouraging our graduate school students to publicize their research. We provide a standard travel expense package for round-trip economy airfares when graduate students present research papers at international academic conferences overseas, as well as assistance for travel, participation and lodging expenses for domestic presentations. Numerous graduate students receive this support every year. Additionally, we have set up courses such as Presenting Technological Research in English—taught by native speakers—to develop the skills needed for presentations at international conferences. We also provide training in English-language presentation and discussion skills. There is a program to award outstanding theses, recognizing papers presented by students that have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals and given high recognitions. Recipients receive certificates at their commencement and a ¥50,000 supplementary prize.

Reasonable Tuition, TA Programs and a Tuition Exemption Program to Encourage Enrollment in Graduate School

Tuition at our graduate school is kept reasonable compared to other graduate schools to provide opportunities to a broad range of people with an ambition to learn. Our teaching assistant (TA) program—part of our research and educational efforts—provides students with opportunities to demonstrate the results of training and ameliorate their financial burden. Graduate students assist with classes according to the instructions of the faculty members, and receive prescribed salaries for this work. The salary for handling a class two hours a week (one time block) would be ¥12,500 per month. Students are allowed to work for up to six hours per week (three time blocks) each year so that their duties do not disrupt their studies. We have also created a tuition reduction program to encourage outstanding students to enroll in graduate school that cuts annual tuition for those enrolled in master’s or doctoral programs by half.

Excellent Research Environment

When we think about the essence of science and technology, training sophisticated engineers without research is inconceivable. The faculty at our graduate school is constantly engaged in diverse research activities together with students at our excellent research facilities, which include the sophisticated measurement devices and equipment required for cutting-edge research.

Graduate School of Engineering