Message from the President

History of Kogakuin University
Kogakuin University was initially founded in 1887 as Koshu Gakko by Koki Watanabe. It was the first private engineering school established in Japan to train engineers who would be prepared to work on the front lines of the industries that were needed for promoting Japan's modernization. This initial vision of cultivating engineers who are work-ready for the industrial world remains intact at the university to this day. 
Education at Kogakuin University
Kogakuin aims to maintain an atmosphere that promotes the highest educational standards as well as encouraging passion and motivation within its students. In order to ensure this, Kogakuin University concentrates its efforts in fostering cooperation among the different departments and schools so as to provide a curriculum that promotes a systematic course of study in each department. Thus, each school at Kogakuin offers an array of lecture courses, lab courses, and training seminars in both general education and specialized subjects. This ensures that upon graduation the students are prepared to function in their fields of expertise and contribute to society. 
Kogakuin University, a Center for Research
Kogakuin University boasts numerous talented professors. Understanding that talented researchers make the est educators, the university encourages research, and supports its school and graduate students in their participation in conferences and symposia both in Japan and abroad. The university has several research institutes, supported by financial assistance from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and encourages joint research with corporate partners through the Collaborative Open Research Center. 
Career Guidance at Kogakuin University
Kogakuin University has a fully equipped support system to help students in their jobseeking efforts. Career opportunity information is posted online. Moreover, many Kogakuin graduates are active in the job search support advisor system: more than 100,000 students have graduated from the university, and through strong alumni networks, they help support the job search activities of our students. 
Social Responsibility at Kogakuin University
Kogakuin University has an Extension Center and Science Education Center where it engages in a wide range of activities that contribute to the broader society, ranging from education for working adults to science education support for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Many of the university's educators serve as academic experts on the committees of government agencies and public organizations. 
Kogakuin University will continue to pursue bold innovation and ongoing development into the future. Thank you for your continued support for our endeavors.

Yasutada Imamura
Kogakuin University

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