Historical Timeline

1887 Koshu Gakko is established in Tsukiji, Tokyo.
1928 A new school building is completed in Shinjuku, Tokyo (now the Shinjuku Campus), and the school moves to the new site. The name of the school is changed to Kogakuin.
1949 Kogakuin University is certified under the new school system. The Faculty of Engineering is established.
1963 The Hachioji Campus opens in Hachioji, Tokyo.
1964 The Graduate School of Engineering master’s program is established.
1966 The Graduate School of Engineering doctoral program is established.
1989 A high-rise building is constructed on the Shinjuku Campus.
1992 A mid-rise building and office building are constructed on the Shinjuku Campus.
2006 The Faculty of Informatics is established.
2011 The School of Architecture is established.
2015 The School of Advanced Engineering is established.
2016 The Department of Information and Communications Engineering and the Department of Information Systems and Applied Mathematics(now the Department of Information Science), are established in the Faculty of Informatics.

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