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Training the next generation of IT leaders

Philosophy and Goals
Built on five pillars of basic studies, engineering, social sciences, a fusion of these and interdisciplinary fields, and unexplored fields, this program is designed to broadly cover everything from hardware to software, including basic math theory, the technology of networks—as symbolized by the Internet and mobile devices—and security and its applications. We also cover various software technologies and computer architecture, media processing technologies and their applications in such things as welfare and in recognizing humans and objects, artificial intelligence, human engineering, and, finally, the social sciences. Industry-government-academia collaborations are actively promoted from an educational standpoint. Because information technology is more than just an element of engineering, this goal-oriented program also seeks out people with basic expertise and an interest in information technology, including degree holders from undergraduate liberal arts courses.

Educational Goals
We train students to:
  1. Become the next generation of IT leaders
  2. Provide pleasant living environments for people
  3. Inculcate the skills to uncover and solve problems

Research fields
  • Basic studies
  • Engineering
  • Social sciences
  • Interdisciplinary fields
  • Unexplored fields

Teacher’s licenses and curator's credentials available:

Master’s degree holders who fulfill the prescribed requirements can acquire specialized junior and senior high school teacher’s certificates. The specialized teacher’s certificates this graduate school offers are listed below. A type 1 license is a prerequisite for acquiring a specialized teacher’s certificate, but that can be acquired by auditing undergraduate courses if the student does not have one.
  • Specialized junior high school teacher’s certificate (mathematics)
  • Specialized senior high school teacher’s certificate (mathematics and informatics)
  • Curator’s credentials
The undergraduate department offers curator’s credentials courses, but students can obtain these credentials by auditing undergraduate courses.

Research Fields and Topics, Educational Keywords

Curriculum system


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