Electrical Engineering and Electronics Program


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Acquire advanced expertise, a broad perspective and flexibility

Philosophy and Goals
Electrical and electronic engineering technologies underpinned the foundations and development of Japanese industry. We have enjoyed the benefits of the information society in recent years, but at the same time been confronted by big new problems related to the environment and energy. We need to provide engineers with broad discernment and advanced specializations to support society. This program offers a curriculum consisting of core subjects that supplement the basic knowledge acquired in undergraduate studies and numerous specialized subjects for students to learn about advanced fields. Research activities are emphasized to help students build the ability to think for themselves and to uncover and solve problems.

Educational Goals
We train students to:
  1. Develop profound expertise in specialized fields and broad knowledge in related fields.
  2. Develop a pragmatic outlook and ability to think and to uncover and solve problems through research activities.
  3. Develop communication and presentation skills that are also recognized in other countries through participation in academic conference activities in Japan and overseas.
  4. Acquire the practical skills needed to respond to new worldwide technology trends, and the chance to acquire the mindset that they should continually study on their own initiative.

Research fields
  • Energy conversion
  • Measurement and controls
  • Information and communications
  • Electronic devices

Teacher’s licenses and curator's credentials available:

Master’s degree holders who fulfill the prescribed requirements can acquire specialized junior and senior high school teacher’s certificates. The specialized teacher’s certificates this graduate school offers are listed below. A type 1 license is a prerequisite for acquiring a specialized teacher’s certificate, but that can be acquired by auditing undergraduate courses if the student does not have one.
  • Specialized junior high school teacher’s certificate (mathematics)
  • Specialized senior high school teacher’s certificate (mathematics and technical)
  • Curator’s credentials
The undergraduate department offers curator’s credentials courses, but students can obtain these credentials by auditing undergraduate courses.

Research Fields and Topics, Educational Keywords

Curriculum system


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