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Graduate School of Engineering


Philosophy and Goals

Educational and Research Goals

The ultimate goal of Kogakuin University’s Graduate School of Engineering is to contribute to human society by conducting creative, high-level research. It also aims to foster engineers and researchers who possess deep knowledge and applicable skills pertaining to the principles and rules in their fields and base their decisions on interdisciplinary perspectives. With that in mind, the master’s programs provide the courses to train engineers and researchers in the specialized branch of knowledge. Furthermore, the doctoral programs give engineers and researchers the high degree of specialization to be able to break new ground in cutting-edge research fields.


Graduate School of Engineering

Kogakuin University’s Graduate School of Engineering established a master’s program in April 1964 and a doctoral program in April 1966 for the purposes of researching and teaching theories and applications in the engineering fields, based on the foundations of undergraduate education. In 1977, the graduate school’s regulations was changed, and these programs were unified under one administration. The master’s programs are generally two years long while the doctoral programs are three. The graduate school offers education and research through its six programs—based on several departments in the respective faculty/school of advanced engineering, engineering, architecture, and informatics—and we have assembled a diverse faculty team that covers various specialized fields in broad disciplines.

Characteristics of the Graduate School


Mechanical Engineering Program
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program
Electrical Engineering and Electronics Program
Informatics Program
Architecture Program
Systems Design Program ※Admissions discontinued from 2024 intake.

Graduate School of Engineering