Social Contributions

We pursue activities that use the achievements of our education and research to contribute to society, and promote links among communities, universities and companies to ensure that local communities continue to hold our university in high regard and that we serve a purpose in society.

Waku-Waku Science Festival science classes

We host science classes as part of a two-day science event that over 8,500 people participate in every year. Targeted primarily at elementary and junior high school students, these classes have conveyed science’s utility and practicality by means of manufacturing and experiments for over twenty years. Our university, graduate school and affiliated junior and senior high school students participate as staff. This is an opportunity for students to achieve personal growth.

Promoting ways to prepare for natural disasters and lessen their effects

We concluded a basic agreement with Shinjuku Ward in 2012 to coordinate on ways to prepare for natural disasters and lessen their effects, as well as another agreement to provide temporary lodging facilities for people unable to return home. We serve as west exit headquarters at Shinjuku Station, acting as a base for disseminating information in the area during times of emergency and as a temporary lodging facility for people unable to return home. We have also promoting various disaster preparedness measures through community ties, taking a central role in training people through systematic educational and practical exercise programs, as well as with student volunteers.

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