To Parents or Guardians of Students of Kogakuin University

Apr 22, 2020

Kogakuin University
President, Prof. Mitsunobu SATO

The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 infection has been continued to spread in a globalized society and became a pandemic. As you know, the Japanese government issued an emergency declaration on April 7th, which had a significant impact on social activities.

As we have already announced to the students, from the perspective of eliminating the risk of infection to each individual and preventing the spread of infection in society, Kogakuin University has postponed the start of classes and is prohibited from entering the university campus. This causes a great deal of inconvenience to all students, and also to all parents and guardians. Even under these circumstances, Kogakuin University will make a lot of efforts to strengthen educational ability and return the results to students.

Needless to say, it is desirable for students to gather on campus for classes. However, there is no sign that the effects of this novel coronavirus will be settled in a short period of time, and further refraining from going out is desired. Therefore, in order to continue educational activities that can respond to students' motivation to study, Kogakuin University decided to carry out online class according to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in early April, We are pleased to inform the students to start the classes on May 11th.

Through this online learning, not only the students staying at home and students in abroad can take classes at home where they can keep their safety without going out. While the period of a semester or two quarters this spring will be later than in a normal year, we will make sure to cover necessary materials and to achieve the planned goals for each course. Even under these difficult circumstances, our students can earn credit hours no less than in other semesters or two quarters.

We send daily notifications to our students via our website, student portal site, and e-mail from university. We are set to start registering for classes next week, so we hope that all parents will be able to confirm that the students are aware of the situation.

We would like to give our sincere to the Kogakuin University’s guardians’ organization that has more than 70-year history. We had overcomed from various crises through the cooperation between the guardians’ organization and University. As for the conclusion, we pray for everyone's health.

And we do appreciate all for your continued understanding for our infection control measures to Novel Coronavirus and educational activities.