Sports Aerodynamics Laboratory

Researching Sports Aerodynamics & Volcanoes.

Kazuya Seo: Professor

Fluid dynamics motivated by curiosity and application. Curiosity; a driving force for research for centuries. For example, unraveling the mystery of the swerve of the ball during a high punt kick in rugby. Application; An elite athlete is expected to win medals, while an amateur or an ordinary person is expected to burn energy safely and comfortably. To that end, we intend to optimize sporting equipment and skills. Academically, we aim to solve coupled problems based on mechanics such as flight dynamics, fluid dynamics, and engineering mechanics, and to solve problems by data-driven scientific methods such as optimization and data mining.

Topics of research
  • Aerodynamics of mysterious phenomena in sports
  • Bayesian optimization of sports equipment & skills
  • Hazard map drawing of the volcanic block
keyword Sports engineering / Wind tunnel tests / Flight dynamics / Data-driven science

Graduate School of Engineering