Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Labolatory

Bridging macro- and micro-scale thermal fluid phenomena

Masaki Hiratsuka: Associate Professor

Thermal fluid properties such as heat transfer and fluid drag are greatly influenced by micro- and nano-scale structures and materials. For instance, it is known that heat transfer efficiency is improved by using microfabricated heat-transfer surfaces, and that ball blurring can be reduced by applying microscopic surface structures. Also, it is known that mixing nanoscale particles in a fluid or confining it in a nanoscale space changes its viscosity and the temperature of phase changes. The main objective of our research is to elucidate the effects and mechanisms of these microscopic properties on the macroscopic properties of fluids, and to apply the findings to the development of highly efficient energy technology.

Topics of research
  • Micro- and nano-scale thermal fluidics
  • Sports thermal fluidics
  • Energy transport and storage using phase change
keyword Multi-scale thermal fluid / Phase change / Machine learning Molecular simulation / Sports engineering

Graduate School of Engineering