Hirotoshi HISHIDA: Associate Professor

Designing, manufacturing and utilizing an object or a system with that people can feel comfortable, is one of the best methods to level up the efficiency, the safety, or the accuracy associated with the task done using such an object or a system. Therefore, the examination of the comfort level of any objects or systems is of considerable importance in the related engineering research works. In our research activities, we consider that the energy supply system that supports the social framework is one of the important research topics, and study on the nuclear safety engineering as a part of human engineering researches. Moreover, we carry on research works about the basic engineering theories such as material science, structural design and plastic processing. We also study computational engineering practice such as web programming, artificial intelligence and numerical simulation as a means to realize the comfort level to apply to actual engineering problems positively. Furthermore, we have started the basic research works associated with human sense which must be related to the preparation for the evaluation of human sense quantitatively when actual engineering problems are dealt. The study on image processing which substitutes for human acts, such as feeling or judgment, or diagnosis is under way based on the computational engineering practice mentioned above.

Topics of research
  • Development of an earphone and a headphone which give less damage to the sense of hearing
  • Basic studies on effects and risks of a visual and auditory imformations used in engineering fields
  • Studies on graphics science
  • Studies on music therapy
  • Basic studies applying an artificial intelligence to the medical engineering
  • 3-dimensional numerical evaluation on strouhal frequency associated with flow-induced lift acting on elastically supported cylindrical rod under axial flow in a numerical pressure vessel
  • Numerical simulation on the characterestics of pipe bending formimgs
  • Engineering for women
keyword Sense Engineering (Seeing, Hearing, / Computational Mechanics (inc. Numerical Engineering) / Design and Solution for Application (inc. Material Processing and Forming) / Health and Safe (inc. Medical Engineering)
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