Advanced Software Laboratory

Teruo TANAKA: Professor

Owing to the development of cloud computing and internet services, high performance, supreme function, high reliability and high flexibility of computer systems in order to meet to the various needs of the users. computers have become a familiar presence, which can be used anywhere and anytime as water and electricity.

On the other hand, for ordinary users, computers are becoming like a black box, which is difficult to control. In this situation, advancement of software, such as "automatic tuning", which optimizes the environment of the computer just before run-time or at run-time, is becoming more important.
The "advanced" in the "advanced software" implies; supreme, advanced, progressive and innovative. In our laboratory, we will make researches to pursuit.

Topics of research
  • Software Auto-tuning for Large Scale Computation.
  • Advanced Numerical Algorithm.
keyword Software Auto-tuning / Numerical Algorithm / Parallel Processing

Graduate School of Engineering