Laboratory for Computational Mathematical Analysis

Takashi TAKEKAWA: Professor

Neuronal coding in the brain is the fundamental question in neuroscience and recent experimental techniques can record large scale neural activities from behaving animals. Cognitive functions and decision making of human in their society is also becoming important in the context of behavioral analysis in marketing and/or societal action. These study suggests that a rational choice in logical theory should not be necessarily optimal one in the real situations. We are studying intellectual ability as optimality of action in complex environments by analyzing big data from neuronal and social science with statistical and logical agent models.

Topics of research
  • Simulation and theoretical study on biological neural network models.
  • High performanct spike sorting system for electrophysiological recordings.
  • Cell sorting system for calcium imaging of neural activities.
  • Study on decision making strategy of human using game AI agents.
keyword Statistical Models / Dynamical Systems / Computational Neuroscience / Decision Making and Strategy Models
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