Kansei Information Laboratory

Content Design Using User’s Kansei Information

Jue ZHANG: Associate Professor

Kansei information(Affective information) is difficult to explain declaratively and changes with time and environment. By elucidating user's kansei information processing process, we can improve user's motivation, provide better user experience, and solve problems in various fields. In our laboratory, we qualify and quantify user's kansei information, and apply the result to the content design.
For example, safety issues of texting while walking, maintaining of rehabilitation motivation for cancer patients, and supporting learning/culture by using AR/VR contents, etc.

Topics of research
  • Elucidating kansei information processing process
  • Content design to enhance self-efficacy
  • Influence factors of AR / SR effect
keyword Kansei information / Contents development / AR/SR / Interface/Interaction design

Graduate School of Engineering