Ubiquitous Sensing Laboratory

Sensing Objectively and Feedbacking Intuitively for Motor-learning

Dan MIKAMI: Associate Professor

We do not accurately grasp our own inner and external state during sports, music, or daily life. Sensing and understanding self condition is the first step toward improving motor learning. It also helps with injury prevention. Furthermore, by analyzing the state of the expert, it might guide the way for improvement.

To realize the cycle of "sensing + feedback = improvement," this laboratory researches sensing without troublesome user intervention and intuitive presentation methods for sensing data. These studies are carried out in collaboration with experts in sports and medicine, focusing on real-world applications.

Topics of research
  • High frame rate camera-based motion analysis
  • Subjectification of objective sensing data using VR technologies
  • Non-invasive motion sensing in real sports environments
keyword Sensing / VR / AR / Computer Vision / Sports and Rehabilitation Technology / Motion Control

Graduate School of Engineering