Nanoscale Imaging and Measuring Laboratory

Eisaku OHO: Professor

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is widely accepted and utilized in various fields. However, it cannot demonstrate its real ability frequently, owing to difficulty of auto-tuning and the effects of radiation damage, charging problem, etc. To settle those challenging problems, we are mainly studying on image acquisition and processing technologies. The results of our study will be actively applied in the near future in order to improve the performance and usability of the advanced SEM system.

Topics of research
  • Special raster scanning for reduction of charging effects in SEM. An improved scanning method based on characteristics of the human visual system
  • Metrics for focusing in extremely noisy SEM condition
  • Feature evaluation of CHS and its practical applications to noisy SEM images. Natural color SEM based on the frequency characteristics of the human visual system
keyword Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy / Image Processing Technology / Auto-tuning of a Scanning Electron Microscope

Graduate School of Engineering