System Integration Laboratory

Yasushi HADA: Associate Professor

The dream of our laboratory staff is the human society with mobile robots. We research robotic system(ex. rescue robots, intelligent mobile robots and sensory network) sufficient for ordinary use in the society. Not only engineering but also the law, the economy and sociology are needed to realize the dream. In such system like robots, several subsystems work cooperatively for its purpose. The important points for such system development are : Select and combine the suitable subsystems for the purpose, Find and add the unsatisfactory feature to raise the quality, Examine requirement for the advanced social environment with the new system.

Topics of research
  • Study on Wireless Tele-communication for Robots.
  • Radio Field Intensity Simulation for Remote-Control Mobile Robot.
keyword Intelligent Mobile Robot / Wireless Communication for Robots / Disaster Response Robot / Ubiquitous Sensory Network

Graduate School of Engineering