Clean Energy Creation Laboratory

Power generation from regional biomass without burning

Yusuke SHIRATORI: Professor

We explore the highly-efficient energy conversion with the motivation to realize a zero-emission fuel cell technology. Based on the knowledges of thermodynamics and electrochemistry, we try to develop novel electrode and reforming catalyst for the performance enhancement of fuel cell running on biofuels, and moreover, create a prototype system for building a sustainable society under the close cooperation with various industries such as energy, food, electrical machinery, automobile, material sectors, etc. We will be actively involved in the international cooperation to disseminate the fuel cell technologies especially in ASEAN countries to contribute to global decarbonization.

Topics of research
  • Study on highly efficient fuel cell running on biofuels
  • Development of flexible catalyst sheet for hydrogen production
  • Design of fuel cell-integrated resource circulation system using biowaste
keyword Fuel cell / Bioenergy / Resource circulation / International cooperation

Graduate School of Engineering