Mechanics of Materials Laboratory

Regents professor
Masayoshi TATENO: Professor

We deal with stresses and strains of engineering materials subjected to applied loads to clarify materials’strength behavior and to design substantial structure based on practical experimental and numerical analyses. These results are associated with developing an optimum structural design and establishment of proper evaluation systems for substantial materials under hard conditions. We will provide manufacturing technology for future structures of machines.

Topics of research
  • Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Residual Stress near Stress Singularity Fields on Bonded Dissimilar Materials
  • Fracture Toughness of Single Crystal Silicon Wafer under High Temperature Conditions
  • Evaluation of Residual Stress near Indentation Cracks of Single Crystal Silicon
  • Creep Mechanism and Mechanics of Solder Joints
  • Evaluation of Machined Surface Crack Length of Ceramics
keyword Stress Singularity / Thermal Stress / Fracture / Residual Stress
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