Polymeric Materials Laboratory

Yosuke NISHITANI: Professor

Polymeric materials such as plastics, rubbers, polymer composites and polymer nanocomposites are widely used materials in the field of automotive, aerospace, railway, home electronics, mobile phone, container and package, daily products and structural materials because of their good physical properties, easy processing and lightweight. In our polymeric materials laboratory, various polymeric materials are studied from mechanical engineering point of view, and new materials actually used for a machine, its parts and devices have been developed. The more concrete research areas are: research on processing, tribology such as friction and wear, characterization of physical properties such as mechanical and thermal properties, rheology and morphology of polymers (plastics, rubbers and elastomers) and their blends and polymer composites such as fiber reinforced plastic(FRP), carbon nanofiber (CNF), carbon nanotube (CNT) and nano size filler filled nanocomposites. Research on polymer recycling, biodegradable polymers, biomass composites based on all plants-derived materials, surface treatment of fillers, computer aided engineering (CAE), stereolithography and digital engineering are also carried in our laboratory.
Collaborative research with company and public institution is carried out aggressively at our laboratory in order to return the research achievements to society.

Topics of research
  • Processing of Polymer Composites and Their Mechanical Properties.
  • Development of Tribomaterials using Polymer, Polymer Composites and Polymer Nanocomposites.
  • Fabrication of Carbon Nanofiber Filled Polymer Composites and Their Physical Properties.
  • Development of Biomass Composites Based on All Plants-Derived Materials.
keyword Polymer Composites / Polymer Processing / Tribology / CFRP
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