Yoshimori KIRIYAMA: Professor

Bio3 Laboratory aims to elucidate the relation between human dynamics and the musculoskeletal systems from the mechanical engineering point of view. Our skillful motion is realized by the bone, muscle, ligament, tendon and other soft tissues, and the material and structure seem to include the principle of the intelligent movements. To understand the principle, our laboratory is researching sports biomechanics and human gait analysis. Using computational models, we simulate and visualize the joint loading during the motion, synthesize human motion or grow up the human model virtually. Thus, we are applying the results and knowledge for the development of new biomimetic mechanism, elucidation of mechanical causes of orthopedic disease, or improvement of sports performance. The Bio3 laboratory is also developing a new technology to measure human dynamics, novel multiscale-multiphysics computer simulation methods and life support equipment based on ergonomics.

Topics of research
  • Human body dynamics (Sport performance, Human gait and Daily activity)
  • Computational simulation (Orthopedic disease, Motion Synthesis, Finite Element Method and Particle Method)
  • Biomimetic mechanism (Artificial Joint, Humanoid and New Robotics for Next Generation)
keyword Biomechanics / Biomechanism / Biomotion / Clinical Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering